Feedback of visitors for the Forum 2010


Andrew McIrvine, Commodore, Royal Ocean Racing Club

I was delighted to attend the International Yacht Racing Forum in Hamburg on Saturday. I knew from the line up of yacht designers, sail and mast-makers as well as other experts, that we would have a fascinating and informative day. The size of the audience, with representatives from all around the Baltic and beyond was very encouraging for the future of international offshore racing in the region. There was clearly a strong will to break down present disagreement and to take forward a new Baltic series. The Royal Ocean Racing Club will do all it can to support this initiative.


David Aisher

Having had the pleasure of sailing in the Baltic and experiencing first hand the dilemmas that the sailors there faced with the many rules available to them, it was very refreshing to have been at the Forum in Hamburg. The sailors and owners from many of the countries that border the sea were all learning from designers and constructors the value of one rule and also how accepted the IRC rule was worldwide. I think at last with open discussion between all the rule authorities they are well on the way to achieving their goal of having a common rule again.


Per Weiskvist

I think it was a great day, with very competent people, and we all got some inspiration back home with us, I think. So much talk about rules, but in the end we all just want a rule for everybody, and I think we chose the right horse for the Baltic IRC Circuit, and ended up with the best possibility to make the Circuit a future international succes. Lets get rid of all that policy, and conflict of interest, and hope the different countries will listen to the sailors a little bit more in the future, as many of the prominent guys in the panel said again and again.


Mark Mills

Firstly congratulations on the event, it seemed to be a huge success, well done. The organisation was excellent. I hope there will be a follow up where IRC can be more directly discussed, or perhaps there will be a need for ‘Tips and Tricks’ seminar, in the past I have given talks on how owners can optimise their boats for IRC, maybe something like that (not trying to sell boats to people but to help them do the best with their current boat) would be popular in Germany in the future.


Mike Castania

It was certainly a pleasure to be asked to moderate last Saturday's forum. I found the presentations informative, the concepts relevant, the questions topical and the discussion that followed spirited. Most encouraging, were the signs of co operation between the IRC and ORCi factions, which if encouraged and promoted correctly, may settle this long dispute, to the mutual benefit of sailors and sponsors alike. I think the IYF should become an annual event, not only is it an excellent venue for designers and OEMs to show case their wares, but a necessary component to advance our sport.


Simon Rogers

Well done!! A very successful week end in my opinion and I really hope this has given the sailing fraternity in Germany the information it needs to make an informed decision on IRC for the future. You and your team have had the vision and passed that on to the general sailing public and I really hope they take this forward. Let me know if there is anything else we can do, we clearly want to sell racing yachts and if any opportunities appear please let me know. An excellent event, that I for one, certainly enjoyed and let hope IRC moves forward. Well done!


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